World Trip 1999-2000: Day 23 – San Antonio, USA

Thursday 2 December 1999
: Garden River

Today was decision day, either get a car or get a travel pass to travel around the USA. after checking prices we went for the Greyhound America Pass which at $479 each for three months was great value.

While this took most of the day we did visit find time to visit the local library for free Internet access so we could answer emails from the last week. The Internet helps lessen the feeling of being so far away from home.

We also walked down to the Garden River which goes right though the city. While nice during the day locals stated it really comes alive at night. Our walked took us past the Alamo but our in depth visit there is for tomorrow.

Acting like crazy people we decided to catch the bus to New Orleans tomorrow night at 9.30 pm which saves us on accommodation since it takes 12 hours. Lets see if that is a wise decision. The overnight bus trips actually then add an extra day at each location we travel that way for.

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