World Trip 2023: Day 21 – Gazza Village and Voru Village, Tajikistan

Voru Village, Tajikistan – The hike begins

Friday 19 May 2023
Highlights: Hiking Voru River, Visiting the remote Voru Village

Today I woke up in this remote area to birds tapping at the window and the sun rising across the Fan mountain range. Today was to have one included hike and one optional hike.

The morning hike was along the Voru River up to an even more remote village in this area whose history goes back many hundreds of years, the Voru Village. We left our village around 8.30 am for a nice hour plus hike.

The landscape of this region continues to impress. It seems one of the main means of transportation is to either walk or catch a donkey. There is limited car activity in this area due to how remote it is and the very bumpy and small roads.

Voru Village, Tajikistan – The other way to get to the village

We arrived in the Voru Village around 10.30 am. The hike was cold at times and hot at times when the sun came out. Our CEO Rustam promised four seasons weather in the mountain and we defintely got a nice range.

Voru Village, Tajikistan

Even once you are at the village it can be work getting around as it is on a hillside so you are always ascending or desending to get somewhere. One of the experiences in the village was watching a blacksmith at work.

Voru Village, Tajikistan – The local Blacksmith

We have an included tea and coffee service from one of the local families. This was a nice way to finish our visit before the hike back.

Voru Village, Tajikistan

Once we got back to the Gazza Village area we had a nice outdoor lunch with some traditional music provided.

Gazza Village, Tajikistan – Lunch and music

For the afternoon four tour members decided to do the optional hike up a nearby Fan Mountain, for myself I decided to rest up, at this point I had done 5 hikes in the Five Stans tour in 9 days which was more than I expected for the entire 26 day tour! With no internet in this region it was a good chance to read, review my travels so far and check out what is next.

We have dinne tonight in our guest house where I discovered my laundary was still not dry and hopefully will be by 7 am tomorrow but I doubt it 😦

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