World Trip 2023: Day 20 – Dushanbe to Gazza Village, Tajikistan

Sughd Province, Tajikistan

Thursday 18 May 2023
Highlights: National Museum of Antiquities, Rudaki Park, Iskander Darya waterfall, Gazza Village area

Due to yesterday’s late arrival our exploration of Dushanbe was pushed to today before leaving for Gazza Village. Our CEO Rustam had arranged for the Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities to be opened an hour early for us to learn about this country. The sleeping Buddha was one of the more impressive displays which also highlighted the Chinese influence on this area as part of the Silk Road.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan – National Museum of Antiquities

We then moved onto Rudaki Park which is a huge open area celerating Tajikistan history and culture. On the edge of the park is the enormous Ismoili Somoni Statue and also the countries Presidential Palace.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Ismoili Somoni Statue

Leaving Dushanbe behind we started heading into the mountain ranges in the Sughd Province and at times we were travelling over 2,500 metres above sea level with some mountain rising to over 5,000 metres. The landscapes in this area were amazing with snow, ice and greeny blending together.

Sughd Province, Tajikistan

We then drove alone Alexander the Great’s lake arriving in Kuli Iskandarkul for a picnic around the lake. A local goat was very keen to joy us for lunch!

Kuli Iskandarkul, Tajikistan

After lunch we started a 40 minute hike to Iskander Darya waterfall. This was for the most part an easy hike but at times there was no path to be seen but our local guide Farid helps us and especially myself over some very tricky rocks. Reaching the waterfall and taking in it’s beauty made the hike worth it.

Kuli Iskandarkul, Tajikistan – Iskander Darya waterfall

There is a small section were you can walk onto a steel observation deck where you hope it doesn’t fall apart.

Kuli Iskandarkul, Tajikistan – Iskander Darya waterfall, it’s a long way down!

After our return hike we boarded our transportation for a few hours drive to remote Gazza Village, our location for the next 2 nights. Getting to this village requires a very bumpy road which for the most part could only fit one car wide. We saw more people on donkey’s travelling this road to the village.

Gazza Village, Tajikistan – the road to the village

Our accomandation is nested between several mountains and we are all in share accomandation, for me I was in a 4 bed room. Our dinner tonight was cooked by a local village family and was lovely. In the village we are cut off from the rest of the world, no internet and no mobile coverage, just peaceful surrounds.

Gazza Village, Tajikistan – the kitchen for tonight’s dinner

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