T-12 Days: 2023 Central Asia and Türkiye World Trip

It’s now less than 2 weeks before my 2023 Central Asia and Türkiye World Trip begins.

I’ve recently completed my research into the 6 new countries I’m visiting, they are all very unique with very ancient traditions to experience:

The part of the world I’m visiting
  1. Türkiye (30.04.23 to 08.05.23 and returning 03.06.23 to 07.06.23),
  2. Kyrgyzstan (09.05.23 to 14.05.23),
  3. Kazakhstan (14.05.23 to 17.05.23),
  4. Tajikistan (18.05.23 to 20.05.23),
  5. Uzbekistan (21.05.23 to 29.05.23), and
  6. Turkmenistan (30.05.23 to 03.06.23)

Flights all booked, long haul flights in business class (using points), hotels booked and paid, tours booked and paid, spending money almost saved (still need to exchange for some local currency).

The trip is made up of Two G Adventures Tours:
Best of Turkey (8 days)
Five Stans of the Silk Road (26 days)

Plus 5 days at the end of the trip in Istanbul to explore this ancient city on the edge of Asia and Europe.

The last steps is connvincing some friends and family that I’m not putting my life in danger or at least these countries aren’t too dangerous!

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world. https://nathanburgessinsights.com/travel/
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