World Trip 2019: Day 24 – Singapore to Melbourne, Australia

Sunday 1 September 2019
Highlights: First Class flight, Welcomes home from my cats

Today this short but intense trip was over. I finished with a seven hour overnight first class flight home from Singapore which is a nice way to return home.

The Singapore Airlines flight was fine, but their A380 plane experience is far superior to their B777-300ER plane experience. Still I enjoyed the lobster and did managed to get a little sleep even if the seat/bed wasn’t as nice or comfortable as the previous flights. Full flight review is located here.

On arrival to Melbourne I was given a Fast Track card as a result of flying in First Class I did use the card at Immigration were it made my time there longer and didn’t use it at Customs which would have allowed me to exit the airport faster. Obviously I was a little tired despite it being 7 am in the morning. It had been a long 44+ hours since I left New York and I was looking forward to my bed.

My airport pick up by my nephew Andrew and his fiancée Danelle worked out perfectly. We chatted a little but one ear was blocked from the flight, I’m probably getting a cold, so not as free flowing a conversation as I wanted.

On returning home my apartment sitter Carl advised me of how my younger rescue cats Boots and Juno have progressed in my absence. They have definitely grown, but they are still super friendly kitties. Late that afternoon I took a nap and woke to them both cuddled up with me. Warm balls of fur.

Before that however I made a trip to the city to replace my Myki travel card. I’m returning to work tomorrow so need this card for the train. It was actually a real hassle. I guess replacing cards like this one from my stolen wallet will be a pain.

This trip was enjoyable. Getting out of Melbourne during the cold and raining August for much warmer climates was good. I’ve never had some many things go wrong with a trip (cancelled and then delayed flights, lost hotel booking, airport transport failure, wallet stolen, upset stomach at trip mid point) but I’m still glad I did this trip. Colombia was better than I expected and New York was again a highlight.

Now time to plan for my next trip next year. I’m thinking Bhutan and Myanmar in October / November.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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