World Trip 2019: Day 21 – New York City, USA

Thursday 29 August 2019
Highlights: Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse

Today I said goodbye to New York and the USA on the long road to returning to Australia. My flight wasn’t until 8.55 pm but you could check in with Singapore Airlines 6 hours before your flight, with hotel check out at noon I didn’t have much time to kill before catching the subway out to the airport.

The Hilton Times Square hotel turned out to be a good choice, close to the major attractions I wanted to visit and right next to a subway station and in the heart of Broadway but still quiet. I got up around 8 am and went to McDonalds for egg muffin and hand brown for breakfast.

I used the time in my room to relax and write e-mails and travel entries. Upon checking out I stayed in the Hilton reception for almost two hours before leaving and catching the A Line to the AirTrain station at Howard Beach. It took around an hour to get to the airport from leaving the hotel. This time I didn’t have to put up with a crazy drunk but had to stand the entire time (until the AirTrain anyway).

Check in was easy as no one was in the line. Now security was another matter. I got into the line at it first said 15 minute wait, a few minutes later it went to 20 minutes, then 25 minutes, then 30 minutes and finally 35 minutes. So in the space of 5 minutes the wait time expanded by 20 minutes. They used sniffer dogs in the line as well. At least I wasn’t in a rush today but some people were.

Once airside I head to the excellent Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse for a late lunch and time to relax (full review here). As I had several hours before my flight I explored the Terminal 4 building. Lots of shops and eateries although the most popular was McDonald’s with a big waiting line!

The airport provides okay free wifi once you can get connected. I returned to the lounge for some buffalo wings and ice cream and eventually left for my Singapore Airlines A380 flight in first class. Hopefully that will be fun.

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