World Trip 2019: Day 12 – Cartagena to Minca, Colombia

Tuesday 20 August 2019.
Highlights: 4 Wheel Drive Experience, Marinka Waterfall, Casa Elemento (Largest hammock in the world)

Today was our last long drive of the tour clocking in at 5 hours as we enter the home straight. I took a few more imodium tablets during the night hoping that this would do the trick however the moment we were leaving hotel in Cartagena I required another quick visit to the toilet. Miguel escorted me to our transportation which had to move while waiting for me in the busy single lane street.

The drive to Minca was very uneventful a couple of stops for coffees and refreshments only. Our accommodation for the next Night and two days is the Hotel Minca La Casona set on a beautiful small estate this rustic hotel only had fans to cool you down.

For the afternoon we had an option for 90,000 pesos to visit Marinka Waterfall and the Casa Elemento via 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) transportation. Despite still not being 100% I was determined to continue on and it turned out to be quite an adventure.

The Minca area is rugged and remote. The roads around the mountains are mostly unmade and for significant parts can only fit one vehicle on the mountain hugging road which made for several interesting logistics when 4WD were coming the other way. It felt like we spend a lot of time driving very close to nature being bumped around and I definitely liked it 🙂 Our driver luckily was very skilled in these conditions.

The first stop of this optional activity was at the Marinka Waterfall which meant a 15 minute uphill hike in the humidity. This waterfall is nice with facilities at the waterfall to change for a swim. Given the bug I had, and still recovering from sunburn from Cartagena, I didn’t get into the water but I did sit and quietly observed the world.

We hiked back to the main ‘road’ / pathway and set off higher up the mountain to Casa Elemento home of the largest hammock in the world and an amazing and tranquil sunset. Our entry fee entitled as to a drink to enjoy the surrounding nature reserve in reflection and later group banter.

Miguel managed to coax the entire group (9 plus Miguel) onto the hammock. The limit is 10 people but might be pushing it with 10 westerner sized people but we did manage to survive the experience without falling 🙂

From here is was just time to sit back and allow the sun to set.

Our ride back was actually even more hair rising as this time it was in the dark, luckily not as many vehicles were coming the other way. You do get used to the bumps but still have to watch not to hit you head as you bounce around. Our driver definitely deserved his tip for getting us back safely.

We ended the day with our group walking into the small local town for a nice group dinner.

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