World Trip 2019: Day 10 – Cartagena, Colombia

Sunday 18 August 2019.
Highlights: Islas del Rosario National Park – Isla Bella

Today was a day of relaxing on a topical island. I have selected an optional visit to Isla Bella in the Islas del Rosario National Park at a cost of 195,000 pesos (around $85 AUD). Leaving our hotel at 7.40 am and returning after 4 pm it was a day in the sun and swimming in Caribbean Sea.

To get to our boat ride we had to walk through the Old Town, though the Torre del Reloj (clocktower entrance to Old Town / Walled City) and down to the docks. This took approximately 20 minutes but felt like more as it was already 29c and 85% humid. We then had to wait in the secure area for our 8.55 am departure and boy was it hot waiting.

The boat to Isla Bella was packed with not a spare seat. Once out of port we speed up for what turned out to be a 45 minute ride. On reaching the island the seven of us we assigned two covered cabanas I was given the one with Eoin and Anne. A welcome drink was provided by both our hosts and Sean who had bought some Colombian beer for the day 🙂

Our transfer boat next to the swimming area

For swimming there was a netted off area to keep dangerous sea life out and humans in. I found myself floating in the water for around an hour, lost in my thoughts cut off from the wider world. Lunch was also provided on the eco friendly island.

My view for most of the day

For the afternoon in between relaxing in my cabana and reading a book I explored this small island which has several huts for people staying overnight. Later when returning to the mainland I realised I had sunburn on my lower legs and my chest, hopefully I recover quickly before the planned waterfall visits later in the week.


A very tranquil island

That evening we had a new tour welcome meeting for our three new members. Our new tour group for the next week is previous tour members; Eoin, Anne, Niamh, Dan, Javier and myself joined by Justin, Katherine and Fiona.

We went out for dinner together but just before ordering I felt a little queasy and very sleepy. Queasy maybe from the excessive sun and sleepy probably from jet lag finally catching up with me (15 hour time zone difference!). Upon returning to the hotel around 8.40 pm I immediately fell asleep not waiting again (briefly) at 4 am.

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