World Trip 2018: Day 17 Kathmandu to Hong Kong

Sunday 28 October 2018
Highlights: Cathay Pacific “The Arrival” Lounge

After arriving at 05.39 in the morning on my Kathmandu to Hong Kong flight (review here) I had big plans for the day but alas my body had other ideas.

Since we arrived at Gate 71, which is significant distance from Immigration, and the internal trains don’t run until 6 am it was some good and much needed (limited) exercise after leaving my flight. Immigration was a breeze and my bag was waiting for me on arrival.

I then moved onto Cathay Pacific “The Arrival” Lounge whose location I scoped out last time of was at the Hong Kong Airport (it’s easy to miss). I surrendered my lounge pass given to me back in Kathmandu and immediately visited the shower to refresh up. This and a nice breakfast I thought would set me up for a good day (see review here).

Once the clock stuck 9 am I was off to the Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel which I had booked a special ‘Gift of Time’ room, basically I could check in as early has 9 am and have a 24 hour stay. This made since given such and early flight into the airport and knowing that tomorrow I could check onto my midnight flight from early morning. The hotel extended the stay so I could check out the next day at 2 pm, won’t be needing that I confidently said (wrong).

After checking some e-mails and watching some YouTube videos I thought I’d catch a catnap since my plan for today was to visit the city for the Lighting Show. That short nap went from about 10.30 am to 6.25 pm! I had missed the day and my planned event. I guess the tour was very exhausting, I needed antibiotics to fight off and infection as well. Must have been extremely tired without realising it. I hope my overnight flight home doesn’t cause similar problems given I’ll be working the next day.

Well rested I returned to the airport in search of food and found Burger King for dinner and 7 Eleven for some snacks (I was hungry at this point).

At least I got to sample another lounge and hopefully refresh the batteries before returning to work this week.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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