World Trip 2018: Day 15 Lhasa to Kathmandu, Nepal

Friday 26 October 2018. Nepal Photos.
Highlights: Flight Upgrade, Final Group Dinner

The antibiotics were obviously taking some effect as the swelling on my face was slowly receding which was very good news.

We checked out of Hotel Yak and commenced the 45 minute drive to Lhasa Gonggar Airport which is actually quite a distance from the city it is named after. Several military vehicles slowed us down somewhat as well as they get priority.

At Lhasa Gonggar Airport (Tibet) you are required to go though several security checks. First outside the airport when your passport and bags are checked to even allow you to approach the airport itself. From here you check you bags in and they are strict on this with four of our group having to remove items from checked bags. They there is an additional security screening for metal objects.

Four of our group received operational upgrades (upgrades when a flight’s economy section is oversold). That was a nice little perk (full review here).

Once back in Kathmandu it took a while with local traffic to check into Fuji Hotel. The afternoon was free for individual activities with dinner scheduled for 5.30 pm. I used the time to catch up on my journal and do a little local shopping.

The final group dinner was at Brick’s Cafe which while pricey was a nice way to finish as they provided live singing and dancing (video here). The High Road to Tibet tour is now officially over however several of us have booked a local day tour for tomorrow.

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