World Trip 2018: Day 11 Shegar to Rombuk, Tibet

Monday 22 October 2018. Tibet Photos
Highlights: Mount Everest, Everest Base Camp (Tibetan side), the landscape.

Today was the highlight of the entire trip a chance to see the mighty Mount Everest up close.

The landscape to get from Shegar to Rombuk was itself impressive and spectacular.

The Kay Wu Lha Pass offered us great views of Mount Everest and other massive mountains and gorgeous terrain.

The drive to Rombuk in distance isn’t long but in time takes a while as you go in incredibly windy roads up and down mountains.

We arrived at Rombuk Monastery Guesthouse around 1 pm and sampled a basic lunch menu. For tonight it’s shared dormitory style accommodation with 5 to a small room. The toilet area is hard to stomach, the smell almost made me throw up several times but you push passed it as you are at the top of the world.

There was an option for a 45 minute walk from the Rombuk Monastery or to catch a bus. Given my ongoing cold and the harsh head wind I opted for the bus but still explored base camp thoroughly on arrival including making a video for those back home. The weather was officially -2 but with wind chill factor closer to -10, very glad I had 4 layers of clothing on today!

Base camp is at 5,200 metres above sea level but Mount Everest goes up to 8,844 metres. We were extremely luck to have such a clear day to see Everest. This base camp is only used in April and May as it’s to treacherous outside those months to climb.

Back at our Guesthouse after a simple dinner (chicken rice) I went out to catch the sunsetting on Mount Everest. Just spectacular and awe inspiring.

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