Lounge Review – Qantas Hong Kong Lounge

When visited: October 2018
Time of day: Late Morning / Early Afternoon (10.55 to 12.40 pm)

Rating: 4 / 5

– Flying either First or Business class on a Qantas or Oneworld partner airline flight later that day.
– Qantas Platinum or Gold member flying international flight later that day on Qantas or Oneworld partner flight number
– Oneworld Emerald or Sapphire members whose next onward flight that day carries a Oneworld flight number
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

The above is just a quick summary of the access rules which you should check before attempting to visit.

I had access to this lounge as both a Qantas Platinum member (Gold and above get access) and as flying on Cathay Dragon in business class to Kathmandu, Nepal (review to be added).

The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge is located in terminal 1 on level seven opposite and above Gate 15. Once you pass customs turn right and you will hit the lounge after 2-3 minutes walking.

The lounge area is fairly surprisingly large, larger than first appearance. When I arrived late morning a section of the lounge was closed but by the time I left the entire lounge was fully open. On entry I was one of the only people in the lounge, I assume most people head to Cathay Lounges (which I did later).

There are a range of seating types all of which are comfortable and cozy. The dinning area is roughly in the middle of the lounge (but the end of the lounge when only partially opened). There wasn’t an adequate number of power points with most obvious location on bench area with high chairs that might not be comfortable for long stays.

You get lots of light in this open air lounge and can view the tarmac while relaxing.

The dinning area is buffet style and offers a range of hot food and some nice looking sweets and pastries. I was there for breakfast so enjoyed scrambled eggs, hash browns, orange juice, toast (no vegemite!) but there were other food options including fruit and cereals. By the time I left there was also lunch on offer; noodles, rice and satay chicken among them.

There is a major bar area and a smaller bar for drinks (which I didn’t use) and a self serve fridge and wine area.

There are showers (which I didn’t check out), and nicely decorated toilets. There is also magazines and newspapers. The wifi service provided was at reasonable speeds at least until the lounge started filling up. You will need the password to access the secure network with the password displayed throughout the lounge.

Very nice lounge, comfortable chairs, great natural lighting, good spread of food with an overall relaxing feel around.

I feel that this lounge needs more power outlets to charge devices, for a combined business and first class lounge the lack of charging options is disappointing.

Qantas overseas lounges always feel a little like home which is a nice feeling especially before flying home (too soon for me to be missing home on this visit). The natural lighting, comfortable seating and stylish design is a big plus. I wish this was the standard for overseas Qantas business class lounges.

Worth stopping in for a visit especially if little time before a Qantas flight departing for a nearby gate otherwise try out one of the other Cathay Pacific lounges which I suspect being their home base will be amazing.

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