Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 57 Fish River Canyon to Gariep River, South Africa

Wednesday 17 January 2018. Photos.
Highlights: Getting into South Africa

Today we moved into South Africa the final country of this trip and tour. The landscape started having subtle changes, there were still desert areas but occasionally green patches started and definitely near dams wineries. The dry heat was starting to fade into just heat as the climate slowly changed, still you don’t want to get caught in direct sunlight without water. Just before the border we stopped off for some shopping an got to seeing thatch huts for the locals.

At the border crossing after a few moments of concern immigration let me into South Africa but with the warning that my passport is now full which isn’t a concern given next stop is home in Australia. Still I had to slightly alter my passport to allow space for South Africa and Namibia stamps. At the border their was barbed wire and lots of security, South Africa obviously protects their borders stronger than any other African country. However you could easily cross back into Namibia by swimming across the river which run outside our campsite. At the campsite my room was a tent inside a hut, good enough.

For the afternoon we had an included canoe experience down the river but I was still unwell (although starting to feel better) so I skipped my first included activity of the tour. Still I think that was a good call. Later that night our crew put out cakes to celebrate both Ross and Tina’s wedding anniversary and my birthday, that was our second celebration in a few days and to think I was trying to avoid any fuss.

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