Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 40 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Sunday 31 December 2017. Photos (Victoria Falls & Zimbabwe)
Highlights: Guided tour of Victoria Falls, New Year’s Eve Dancing

Today I went on my final visit to one of the seven natural wonders of the world the great Victoria Falls. This time I was visiting on the Zimbabwe side on foot to compliment the helicopter flight of both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides and the visit at ground level on the Zambia side.

It’s actually amazing how did the Falls are on both sides. The Zimbabwe side has more of the Falls with mist raising off the waterfalls while Zambia side has probably more of the actual waterfall itself. Another think Zambia has is the Devil’s Pool which I could only see from the Zimbabwe side. The Devil’s pool has tourist bathing right next to the edge of the waterfall in a natural pool. It looks crazy but I guess it’s safe.

I recall staring at the Falls and thinking this isn’t a bad way to spend New Year’s Eve 🙂

Later in the day I meet up with Roz and Arran after their near death white water rapids experience. While waiting for them I watch video of the Victoria Falls rapids and thought thank god I wasn’t do that. When I heard the story of their experiences I was even happier to have skipped the rapids. I only skipped them after my sub-par performance on the White Nile Rapids earlier in the trip.

For tonight I was letting Roz and Arran crash in my room, it was better than having to have their old tent down by 6.30 am and back on our previous truck when we weren’t leaving until 9.00 am with the new crew. Plus it was New Year’s Eve, not a good night for and early evening. At Roz’s insistence I followed them out to a local bar were we danced a little (well Idanced a little Roz and Arran dance a lot), counted down into the new year and then joined a conga line leading us into the future. I left Roz and Arran to their dancing around 12.30 am and return to our campsite thinking about the amazing 2017 I had and the people in my life – truely blessed.

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