Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 14 Kampala to Jinja, Uganda

Tuesday 05 December 2017. Photos
Highlights: Rafting on the Nile, Sunset over the Nile

Today the group was moving from Kampala to Jinja but Nick and myself had an early morning 6.20 am pick up in Kampala in order to undertake a half day rafting the rapids on the Nile near Jinja. This meant tent was packed up while the rest of the group got to sleep in, not having to worry until 8.30 am breakfast with tents down after that. While they slept we drove though the mist 🙂

A couple of hours later we were at the staging area for the rafting. About 15minutes later two Australians on their honeymoon joined us. Breakfast was provided and was very filling which included a wrap with an omelette inside and bananas ad boiled eggs. We received the safely rules during breakfast. There were to be three kayakers supporting us plus a safety raft so they were taking things seriously.

After walking down to the Nile and boarding our raft the safety precautions continued which included us all falling into the water and trying to get back in, our guide then flipped the raft to practise how to get out from under the raft, flip it back and get back in. Unfortunately during the practise flip I ended up taking in a lot of water, this immediately made me free ill as I had to try to breath with water in my lungs, longer term I hope I’ll be okay from drinking this water. Emilie provided some tablets later that should kill any germs.

This unfortunate event didn’t argue well for the day but I pushed on. During the rafting we travelled 15 kms and completed 5 rapids, well I completed 4 rapids the group completed 5 rapids. This rafting was different to ones I’ve done in the past as you have to paddle great distances before the rapids. The safety raft bought us lunch which we eat while floating on the Nile.

The rapids were all very cool but getting near the last one, which starts at a grade 6 but we walked to about half way so it’s only grade 5, I ended up bailing out. Our guide almost guaranteed we would be going under and I didn’t want more water in my lungs. This meant the safety raft took me down via a grade 4 rapid but without me paddling. Nick joined the safety raft at this point and together we paddled for about 15 minutes to the half way departure point while the other rafters went on for the full day experience. Waiting for us after climbing the hill was some soft drink. All in all a good inclusive package just wished I had done the last rapid. I did cut my heels a little, hopefully this won’t be a problem going forward.

It took an hour to get back to our new campsite in Jinja. The rest of the tour group was their finishing up their lunch. Nick, being very adventurous decided to do the bungee jump as well and got two goes of it for the price of one. No one joined him in this adventure but we all watched as he got dunked into the water.

Today turned out the be extremely hot, it felt like the hottest day so far. Putting our tent up in this weather was not ideal. Later I got to watch the sunset over the Nile with Logan, Emilie and Belinda. A lovely sight.

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