Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 13 Lake Bunyoni to Kampala, Uganda

Monday 04 December 2017. Photos
Highlights: Water Volley Ball, Equator Water Test

Today was a long travel day from Lake Bunyoni to Kampala which is 470 km and 11.5 hours drive away. We left our campsite 6.30 am which meant I was saying goodbye to me upgraded cabin which was very nice way to spend the last four nights.

We do a seat rotation on the truck and today that meant I was up at the front with a table. This gave me a very different view of the roads and how people drive, let’s say it’s probably best not to know how our skilful driver has to be to not hit the traffic in the towns and cities. It can be very tiring on the truck during this long drives.

During our drive we stopped for lunch right on the equator. This gave us a chance to do the water drain test in the north and south hemispheres by pouring water into a bowl and seeing how it drains with a flower put into the bowl to see how the water is rotating. I can tell you that the two bowls less than 5 metres apart span in opposite directions every time. So to me looks like this is a fact of the different hemispheres.

We unfortunately experienced a bad traffic jam in Kampala, at one stage moving maybe 50 metres in 10 minutes 😦

After arriving at the campsite around 6 pm most of the group headed to the pool that closes at 7 pm. This led to a couple of games of water volley ball, first boys versus girls (5 each side) and than northern hemisphere against Southern Hemisphere (again 5 aside). This was a lot of fun and a chance for the group to become closer.

During dinner it was confirmed the arrangements for water rafting on the Nile tomorrow, however only my tent mate Nick and myself are doing this. We get picked up at 6.20 am and must have everything packed by then.

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