Africa Trip 2017-18: Day 9 Kampala to Lake Bunyoni, Uganda

Thursday 30 November 2017. Photos.
Highlights: The Equator – two Hemispheres at once!

Today was the last of the three back to back long drive days. Our tour leader let as sleep in a little so we left Kampala campsite at 7 am for the 470 km and 10 hours drive though the beautiful Uganda countryside. Agriculture is obviously the major industry in Uganda, any crop that needs lots of water is farmed here.

On our way to Lake Bunyoni we moved from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. This allowed me the one foot in each hemisphere photo on the equator. During this stop a full school band with all their equipment pulled up in a normal sized van, cars, vans and buses are usually very full.

We arrive at the beautiful Lake Bunyoni and our campsite for the next four nights. I decided to use the upgrade option to a budget cabin meaning I get direct access to a shower and power points for the next few days. Definitely a plus given a potential big hike to visit the gorillas and a day trip to Rwanda meaning I can leave my gear safely in a locked room instead of a tent with a zipper for security.

I have amazing views from my cabin even if it is a bit of a hike their from the bar and from the truck for our meals. A little unsettling is the security with automatic weapons protecting the property, I had one sitting outside my cabin for a little while. It’s definitely something you notice in Uganda lots for police and security all heavily armed.

During our dinner meal we discussed options for the next few days. I had been put into the second day group to hike to the gorillas so this will be on Saturday. Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll go visit the Little Angels Uganda which looks after needy children and orphans. For the last full day on Sunday I’ll aiming to do a day visit to Rwanda and with luck organise for my first clothes washing of the trip.

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