Flight Review – EK721 Dubai to Nairobi

Airline: Emirates
Plane: Boeing 777-200
Gate: C20
Seat: 1A (First Class Suite window)
Boarded: 14:45
Departed: 15:09 (Scheduled 15:10)
Arrived: 19:46 (Scheduled 19:20)
Duration: 5 hours 35 minutes

It was time to try the Emirates First Class B777-200 service after today visit to First Class Lounge (review here) and earlier A380 flights (review here and here). While the plane board on time and pushed but early that push back was only about 5 metres and we then sat at the gate for around 25 minutes which is why we ended up having a late arrival in Nairobi.

There are 8 first class suites in B777 and today I was 1 of only 2 passengers. I selected seat / suite 1A as I just had to be in the first seat on a plane for once in my life and the large Emirates First Class suite would mean a lot of room. The B777 suite is a slightly older version than the A380 the HD TV screen was smaller (but still large) and the entertainment system controller was smaller and less responsive but still a great hard product.

I requested Dom Pérignon for my last First Class experience of this trip. My flight Attendant Grace kept my glass full for the first hour of the flight until I had to say enough. I mean I had Hennessy Cognac to try on this flight (which turned out to be extremely strong).

There is no shower or bar area on this flight compared to the A380 but you get a lot of attention in the smaller first class cabin, although being 1 or 2 passengers might have something to do with that. There was no amenity kit handed out on this day time flight but slippers and eye shades were handed out. The normal Emirates lotions could be access from the vanity panel however if required.

Newspapers, magazines and hot towel were offered before takeoff. There was also a snack kit full of some nice goodies which I sampled. The pop up drinks I did not use as they are room temperature, but I did like making them go up and down :). When we eventually took off I got a great view of Dubai including one huge tower.

For my meal I selected for an appetiser roasted tomato soup and for the main meal I selected stir-fried beef in oyster sauce. I skipped a canapé and dessert (actually I forgot about dessert). Full menu is available here.

I used the short time on this flight to take advantage of the included wifi to catch up on events back home in particular the cricket.

I used the ICE system to watch some episodes of Big Bang Theory and then switched to live TV watching CNN and BBC. The Emirates inflight entertainment system is amazing.

As with all my Emirates First Class flights it was over way to soon. The space, the hard product, and the amazing service make this a great award redemption option. Upon leaving the plane to end up on the tarmac and then Emirates offered a bus service for First Class and Platinum Members across to Immigration.

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2 Responses to Flight Review – EK721 Dubai to Nairobi

  1. Skyring says:

    “The pop up drinks I did not use as they are room temperature, but I did like making them go up and down :).”

    Yeah. What an absurdity.

    Enjoying the trip so far. Can you keep it up, I wonder?

    • Nathan says:

      Hopefully I did with my daily reports. I think Emirates new first class suites have chilled drinks, hard to understand why they built this seat with non chilled versions!

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