One Month to Go – The First Class Travel Experience

I’m now one month out from what I hope will be an amazing experience in Africa. My Africa trip was originally planned for 2014 but had to be cancelled which might be for the best as I’m now going to have my first ever First Class travelling experience and it’s on one of the best rated First Class airlines Emirates. So even the travelling experience is something I’m looking forward to.

The Melbourne Experience

Chauffeur Pick Up
The experience starts with a chauffeur who will pick me up 4 hours before my 18.45 flight. This means I should get to check in 3 hours before my flight to maximise the Qantas First Class Lounge experience as well as visit the Emirates First/Business Lounge.

Qantas Melbourne First Class Lounge
With an included spa appointment, this is the Lounge I’ll spend most of my time in.

Emirates Melbourne First/Business Lounge
I guess I can slum it in a hybrid first / business class lounge for a little while.

Emirates A380 First Class 

Dom Perignon anyone?? The shower on board would be a once in a lifetime experience but I believe I’m allowed to use it twice after the 1 hour 50 minute stopover in Singapore. I guess I’ll check out the inflight bar area.

The flights are broken into 6 hours 50 minutes Melbourne to Singapore and 7 hours 10 minutes to Singapore to Dubai.

 The Singapore Experience

Emirates Singapore First / Business Lounge

I’ll only have a short time to unwind in Singapore so I’ll have to miss the Qantas First/Business Lounge and just head to the Emirates one that was just revamped in 2017. Lounge Review.

The Dubai Experience
Dubai Hotel
Emirates is supposed to put me up in a hotel for my 10 hour transit, paying for the visa and driving me to and back from the hotel. I’m aiming for 6 hours at the hotel so I get time for the Emirates Dubai First Class Lounge.

Emirates Dubai First Class Lounge
Free 15 minutes session in the Timeless Spa

Dubai Lounge Review & Highlights

The Flight to Kenya Experience
Emirates B777 First Class
No shower on this flight but it will have to do 🙂

So it costs $9,490.58 to buy the ‘cheapest’ First Class fare on the same flights and dates that I’m travelling.  Standard non Saver fare is $12,500.

It cost me 168,000 points and $639.58.  I earned the most of the points with credit card signup bonuses which effectively cost me $250 so let’s say this cost $900 instead of paying $9,490.

Getting very excited!!

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