Day 4 – Short Break: Perth, Australia

Today was the return home to Melbourne.  Early in the day I actually joined a work meeting via a conference call for an hour.  With that completed a quick visit to local Rebel Sports to buy a ‘cold’ towel that when wet gets cold so should be good for upcoming Bali trip and later Africa trip.

We check out of the Perth Ibis at 10.30 am.  The Ibis hotel was very central and a reasonable cost for two beds in this location.  I’d recommend it was a short stay in Perth (1-4 days).  The work call meant we couldn’t wait to catch the bus back to the airport so it was a taxi ride this time which cost $44.40 which was fine for the distance.

Straight after check in I accessed the Perth Qantas Domestic Business Lounge (see lounge review here) to relax and get an early lunch.  This was a minor mistake given the extra food options on the Qantas flight back to Melbourne (see flight review here).

On arrival back at Melbourne it was obviously I wasn’t in Perth anymore, the tempature was maybe 12 and there was misty rain.  I only had carry on so passing security I went straight to Skybus service and purchased a one way ticket to Southern Cross Station (previously called Spencer Street Train Station).  The ticket cost $19.00 there isn’t a train option from Melbourne Airport which is a huge oversight.  The skybus doesn’t really get any special road access so you need to get good traffic over can get caught for a while.

From Southern Cross Station it was a 30 minute walk back to my apartment and this enjoyable trip was over. 

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