Lounge Review – Qantas Perth Domestic Business Lounge

When visited: May 2017
Time of day: Late Morning / Early Afternoon (11.50 am to 12.30 pm)
Rating: 4 / 5

– Flying Business class on a Qantas or QantasLink flight later that day.
– Qantas Platinum member or Oneworld Alliance
– Emirates Skywards Platinum member whose next onward flight that day carries a QF or EK flight number and is operated by Qantas or QantasLink
– Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult given this is a licensed area.

I accessed the Business Lounge as a QANTAS Platinum member and as Business Class passenger.

The QANTAS Perth Domestic Business Lounge is in terminal 4.  After passing security follow the signs to the Qantas Club however don’t take the escalator but instead keep going and you will see a sign for the Qantas Business Lounge on the same level as the boarding gates.  I actually made the mistake of going up to the Qantas Club having not been back to Perth since they opened the Business Lounge opened in 2015.

The QANTAS Business Lounge area is very large area.  After entering you are greeted by staff manning podiums and once pass the lounge dragons you walk past different sitting areas (which all have different tones) before finding the main serving areas.  The lounge provides tarmac views and has plenty of natural light.

There are multiple different table areas, from more formal benches with napkins and cutlery set out to tables.  The lounge area is relatively informal but being the higher status level lounge you are more likely to see businessmen and a higher dress standard (jeans yes, singlets no) there wasn’t the hi vis jackets I saw last time I was in the Qantas Club.  Despite being the middle of the day there were a lot of business people undertaking work activities and conversations.  It actually was difficult to find two seats that go together even at noon but lots of spare single seats.

There is a main food station which you can use to make up nice sandwiches and take various cakes and bread based products. There is also a ‘Italian Pizza Bar’ setup that serves up fresh pizzas but only from noon.

There is a dedicated bar that serves up espresso coffee throughout the day and wine from noon.  Before noon you could get coffee service, juices (orange juice for me), tea and water.  Just like the Qantas Brisbane Business Lounge there isn’t a self-serve soft drink station which is disappointing.  As soon as the clock stuck 12.00 the main bar was extremely busy.  There appeared to be a good selection of wine, beer and spirits but I didn’t order any myself.

There are several showers (no need to book), toilets, I noticed two one area which you can watch pay TV (Sky News), two iMac computers and printing/photocopying facilities, multiple tea / coffee stations and charging stations for most cable connections.

There are more power outlets to plug in your laptop or other equipment then in other Qantas lounges but if you see a spot grab it quickly as they are at a premium. Free Wi-Fi is offered but I didn’t test the speed.

The Qantas Business Lounge in Perth provides a lot more space than the overstuffed Qantas Club. The ‘Italian Pizza Bar’ offering was extremely popular and members going to this station also frees up the other food station area.  I always enjoy views of the tarmac and planes coming and going and natural light is always welcome.

The non-alcoholic drinks service is very limited until the bar opens at 12.00 which is disappointing.

A very good domestic Qantas Business Lounge.  There is no charge for food or drinks nor is tipping expected (or anywhere in Australia). A very good way to spend time before the long domestic flight back to the East coast.

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