Arzu’s Amazing Concert

A very good friend of mine, Arzu Yuvarlak, on Sunday 19 February held and performed Turkish Classical Music Fundraising Concert at the Australian Turkish Thrace Association in Melbourne.



Arzu was fundraising so she could continue her studies at RMIT University while awaiting a final decision on her visa status.

Arzu is currently seeking asylum in Australia and until very recently has been living here with no Government financial support for almost 5 years. Late last year the Australian Red Cross started supporting her health needs and in January 2017 the Australian Government started providing a small fortnightly amount for Arzu to attempt to live on.

While I can’t go fully into Arzu’s case history given the Department of Immigration is still considering her application, I can say she was born on the border with Syria and faced significant and serious issues back in Turkey.

Like everyone in this situation having to give up everything and being placed in a limbo status for years on end is never an easy decision and usually highlights a difficult if not desperate situation for someone in an ethic minority group. As an asylum seeker Arzu has no right to work in Australia and earn an income.

Despite this she has contributed to our community by implementing a free music education program to school children. Arzu is a talented musician, which I got to see up close during this amazing concert. It’s a privilege to work with and support someone so talented.

Arzu has survived so far by having the local Arts and Turkish community and her friends support her including assisting with accommodation and living expenses.

Your Help is appreciated While the concert is over her fundraising page is still available and for people in Australia you can also directly transfer money to a bank account operated on Arzu’s behalf (Name: Arzu Yuvarlak BSB: 944300 Account Number: 011777125).

I hope you can support Arzu or others like her struggling to shine in a world with Governments that increasingly condemn those that have to flee dangerous situations.

Arzu’s Story

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