Lounge Review – QANTAS Melbourne Domestic Business Lounge

When visited: February 2017
Time of day: Morning
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Access Rules
You need to be departing on a QANTAS flight in Business Class on the day you access the lounge (not after the flight).
– You are QANTAS Platinum or a Oneworld Emerald status member and departing on a QANTAS flight or codeshare on the day you access the lounge (I accessed as Platinum member flying in economy to Sydney).

Access to the QANTAS Club Lounge

Access to the QANTAS Business Lounge (inside QANTAS Club)

Lounge Location
The QANTAS Melbourne Domestic Business Lounge is located in Terminal 1. After clearing security you turn left and will find the entrance to the QANTAS Club Lounge. After entering the QANTAS Club Lounge you walk to the end of the lounge area and there will be a door to the QANTAS Business Lounge.

Lounge Area
The QANTAS Business Lounge area is larger than it first appears with many small hidden seating areas. The food serving and bar area has a more formal bench area with napkins and cutlery set out, the rest of the lounge is less formal. There is an area to look out at the tarmac and the planes.

I was at the lounge during breakfast time. There was scrambled eggs, toast, an area to make sandwiches, fresh fruit, a machine to make pancakes and a couple of cakes and pastries / bread based products. More than enough and better than the plane even on short business class flights, definitely better than economy class offerings.

Various juices, soft drink, a blender to make your own vegetable smoothie, coffee, tea and water. The bar for alcohol doesn’t open until noon.

Facilities and Services
The are several showers (no need to book), toilets, areas to watch TV (on cable news channel), computer area with printers and photocopiers, multiple tea / coffee stations and charging stations for most different cable connections. There are also some available power outlets to plug in your laptop or other equipment. Free Wi-Fi is offered. There are various free newspapers you can take away and magazines (which you should leave in the lounge).

What’s Good
A more exclusive place than the QANTAS Club Lounge while it still gets a lot of people it’s not as rushed or a push for space. The food is excellent for breakfast and the computer areas lets you print up last minute documents.

What’s Not So Good
The QANTAS Business Class Lounge is located at the furthest point from the entry to the QANTAS Lounge making it an even longer distance to the gates. Make sure you leave before they call the flight for boarding.

Really worth the visit if you are flying business class on QANTAS or hold the right membership level. There is no charge for food or drinks nor is tipping expected (or anywhere really in Australia). This is pretty much the best domestic lounge I’ve visited anywhere in the world (obviously there are many better International Lounges).

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