Africa Return Flights Booked

I just booked my return flights back to Australia using QANTAS frequent flyer points for the end of my Africa tour late January 2018.

  • Cape Town to Johannesburg (BA6416 14.00 to 16.00) 
  • Johannesburg to Sydney (QF64 18.50 to 15.35 overnight flight)
  • Sydney to Melbourne (QF459 18.00 to 19.35)

All flights are in business class but the only one that really matters for me is the overnight flight to Sydney.  

It cost me 122,000 QANTAS points and $424 AUD in fees. I will get 100,000 of those points from a new Westpac which has an annual fee of $450. So basically for around $900 I got three business flights which I consider good value especially for the Johannesburg to Sydney 13 hour overnight flight. I priced buying these flights in business class at 38,800 South African Rand (about $3,800 AUD) or in economy at 13,200 Rand (about $1,300 AUD) so cheaper than economy and I’m in business class!

I also grabbed an exit row business class seat for the Joh’burg-Sydney flight 5B – there is no 5A meaning it is both a window and aisle seat and no one stepping over my to get out from there seat.

I actually had to ring up QANTAS and ask them to release an extra business class seat for the 13 hour overnight flight to Sydney but they immediately released given my platinum membership status. I only found out a few days ago they can release seats for platinum members if requested, it’s an unwritten benefit because they can’t always do it. They also didn’t charge me the assisted booking fee, thank you QANTAS 🙂

This goes well with my first class Emirates flights to Nairobi, Kenya. 
Next steps are looking in visas, health checks / vaccinations and paying off the On The Go Tours 57 day Great African Expedition (Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa) tour cost.

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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