Family Struggles

When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports youGuy Lafleur

 Family can cause us to experience the full range of emotions, the highs as they succeed, the frustrations that result from the many many arguments at family get togethers, most of us will always have some family members in our entire life.  Friends can come and go, if you are lucky you might have a few life long friends, but even the family you struggle to get along with will likely be part of your life.

I have two sisters (Kara and Lana), one brother (Reagan), two nephews (Andrew and Harry), two neices (Darby and Erin), my mother (Helen) and two uncles (Peter and Paul).  The relationships are sometimes good, sometimes great, and sometimes mixed.  I play competition tennis regularly with Reagan and Kara and have played in the same team as my nephew Andrew.  I was lucky enough to travel with Andrew during my 2009-2010 world trip which for the New Zealand leg included Kara, Erin and brother-in-law Jason as well.

You really understand the importance of your family when you hit hurdles in your life.  We are all human and fragile in our own way, sometimes it’s a physical illness, sometimes it’s mental problem (depression), other times terrible decisions (relationships, addictions) but we all need support and usually it’s your family who provide that necessarily support when you need it.

Right now my sister Lana is going though a difficult illness.  Lana is the person who pushed me to take career chances, first when I was in University and struggling, and later to leave a job I liked that was going nowhere for the chance to start afresh at an organisation I still work with that has given me great opportinuties both as a career and also the support to travel.  

A great memory was when Lana choose me to walk her down the aisle, a real highlight to be so closely involved in a key moment in her life.

My younger sister who has the strongest personality out of all my siblings, who has great confidence and it appears at times no fear, as come to a turning point.  It’s hard not to think of the worse case, losing a sister and a friend who means so much.  Now is the time to be supportive.  Time to look to the universe and send positive thoughts and vibes out there to hopefully help with healing (it can’t hurt at least), it’s time to be there, and it’s time to remember what sometimes we take for granted, our family, won’t always be with us forever. 

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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