2016 Myrtleford Easter Tournament 

Friday 25 March to Monday 28 March – Photos

  My 18th annual Myrtleford Easter Tournament dating back to 1998 has just been completed.  The earlier in the year Myrtleford Easter Tournament are also the best, daylight saving a still on and the weather is generally better and this was definitely the case in 2016.

My results were significantly better than the 2015 tournament in which my score was 25 games for and 35 games against (total 60 games), which also helps in the enjoyment factor of the long weekend.  The Easter get away allows time from the stresses of life, on the different nights you get to catch up with different people, tell a few tall stories and sit back under the stars.

Results (96 games – 50 games for / 46 games against)

D Grade Singles: 7-0 & 6-7 (lost tie break)

D Grade Doubles: (with Reagan Burgess): 7-2, 7-4 (group stage), and 5-7 (knock out stage)

C Grade Doubles: (with Leon Roche): 1-7, 4-7 (group stage)

C Mixed Doubles: (with Lyn Longmuir): 6-7, 7-5 (group stage)   

The best match was my 6-7 mixed doubles loss with Lyn Longmuir which we had to run back to the courts to play after I didn’t see we were scheduled to play late Sunday afternoon!  Every player held serve in a close tense match, unfortunately I served a rare double fault first point of the tie break and we never recovered, still some great points.

Erin was also a highlight on Easter Day, we even got a bunny dance, even if not as good as last year’s 🙂  

Nephew Andrew Gauci in B Grade Singles


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