Short Trip 2015: Day 3 – Adelaide, Australia


So today was the last day of my short trip to Adelaide.  It started out with disappointment as the catch up with a friend that we had prearranged was cancelled at the last minute.  This was my fault for not communicating better and taking things for granted 🙁.  It was a shame as I was really looking forward to the day has planned.

This meant I got to spend more time with my brother talking about his travel plans to USA & Canada in 2017 in particular a train trip across Canada that made me slightly jealous.  We walked back into the CBD and found Adelaide strangely quiet for 10 am on a Sunday.  People didn’t really start coming out until 11 and noon, the weather was fantastic.  There was also a Christmas feel to the retail district which reminded me to start thinking about gifts for family and friends to keep the capitalist system going, I suppose that’s a good thing 🤔

We returned to the Adelaide Casino for a longer stay and play this time.  Playing the gaming machines in Adelaide is a little different then Melbourne as you need to purchase credits on a card instead of just feeding money straight into the machine (you can put coins directly in).  I expected this would reduce gambling loses as it gets people to move away from the machine to spend more money.

The taxi ride to the airport had a very happy driver who told us about all the visitors for the Test Match and how great business has been since Thursday.  Reagan suggested that we return next year and we stay an extra day going to the cricket on days 1 & 3 and to the horse races on the Saturday (day 2).  I am tempted but it depends on the opponent and dates.  I definitely want to see an AFL match at the Adelaide Oval in 2016.

At the airport, past the security checks, there was a Aboriginal performance at Gate 22.  Mostly dancing with some music and a huge crowd of happy travellers.  There was also a number of Japenese female students who were very excited by the performance getting selfies with the indegenious performers.

  Other than this at the airport it was mostly time spent in the QANTAS lounge watching the cricket, enjoying the free food and drinks as we waited for our flight back to Melbourne with the flight itself being uneventful.  I will say the weather in Melbourne was colder than Adelaide and it was a shame we had to leave on the best weather day.

Overall an enjoyable visit to Adelaide for this historic match.  It was a shame that my original plans for the Sunday didn’t occur.  I should have had a backup to see more of this beautiful town to make the most of this short visit or better yet not take a friend for granted.  

Maybe I’ll be back next year.

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