Short Trip 2015: Day 2 – Adelaide, Australia


After a good nights sleep at the Sage Adelaide Hotel (formerly Chifley Hotel) I set out to explore the city before the Test Match resumed.  There was a march against Domestic Violence in Victoria Square, much more civilised then the recent ‘Reclaim Australia’ / Anti Immigration or Pro Immigration rallies recently in Melbourne.  Definitely somthing to get behind, it starts with us all taking responsibility and needs to include police and court support to the victims.


March against domestic violence

 I spent a bit of time walking around the city shops, it’s definitely Christmas with all the trees up and the carols in the stores.  My youngest niece Erin had a birthday today back home and I gave her a call to say happy birthday.  Erin was very excited by her sleepover party with friends today.  It’s hard to believe that she is already 9 years old.  I still get the’Uncle Nathan’ shouts and hugs but not always or as enthusiastic as they once were.  Still hopefully a few more years of ten pin bowling and taking her to a kids movie, just for her mind you not so can sing along like with the Lego Movie šŸ™‚

I meet up with Reagan at a local Tab were he had been successfull backing a few winners.  From here it was a short stroll to the Adelaide Oval once again via the Casino / Central Train Station.  The sun shining down and walking with the happy cricket fellowers makes you realise they is life outside of the 9-5 office politics we all get caught up with.  New seats today, still on the Southern Stand end but this time to the left of the wicket and a little closer to the action.

The day at the cricet was great, with the match turning several times.  New Zealand really got on top in the first session taking 8 wickets.  It looked like New Zealand would expand their 8 series unbeaten run going.  Then we got to the controversy of the match, probably the series if not the summer.  Nathan Lyon, batting at 10 due to Mitchell Starc’s injury, was given not out to hitting the ball onto his shoulder and then being caught.  New Zealand went for a review of the decision.  While watching the replays on the screen a small ‘hot shot’ was seen on the bat and Lyon started walking off, however the mike didn’t pick up any impact and after a very long 5 minutes he was given not out, or another more accurate decription was the original decision wasn’t overturned.

This proved to be critical to the match as Lyon and Peter Nevill took the score from 8-119 when Lyon was given not out to 190 and later Nevill and Mitchel Starc added another 34 to end the innings at 224 and a lead of 22 runs when in reality Australia should have been behind and in all kinds of trouble.

The final night session started with New Zealand fighting back well before Australia chipped away 5 wickets in the session.  New Zealand leads by 94 runs with three days to go.  The match could easily be over tomorrow and either team could win this seesawing match.  A large number of ther crowd stayed to the end, the walk back to the hotel took longer due to the congestion of fans near the stadium.


Night Session Day 2 AUS V NZ

 This had been a great two days at the cricket with Adelaide turning on the charm. 

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