World Trip 2015: Day 29 – Tokyo, Japan

Friday 15 May 2015
Highlights: Skyscraper District, Akihabara electronic district

A nice sleep in on my final day in Japan, using all the possible time until the 10 am check out since I didn’t originally have anything planned but that didn’t stop my roommate Alex from adding me to his plans for the day.  With the hotel storing my bags we were off for one last Japan experience using the last day of the G Adventure supplied JR Rail Pass.

This started with a visit to Starbucks to watch from the second floor the famous multiple crossing paths in Shibuya.  People heading from every direction at the major street crossing, one of the first sights I saw on my arrival into Tokyo last week.

From here we visited the Skyscraper District or more particularly the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.  This building gives you free access to the Observation decks on the 45th floors in the North and South towers.  In theory you can see Mt Fuji in the distance but is wasn’t quite possible today but we still got a great view of this enormous metropolis.

Skyscraper District

We then went to nerd heaven otherwise know as the Akihabara electronic district.  A visit to Sega World showed that arcade games are still alive in Japan.  

We also found stores selling all kinds of movie and fantasy items, figurines, comics and games.  The interesting thing is that the ‘adults only’ merchandise is on sale right next to family friendly offerings.  This is definitely a teenager boys dream, I suspect females would find a lot of this a little degrading.

Akihabara electronic district

At this point I had to farewell Alex and headed back to the hotel in Shibuya.  With my bag in hand I headed straight back to the train station and onto the Narita Express which I reserved yesterday using the JR Rail Pass.  

The trip was approximately 68 minutes, the airport being so far out from the city.  I had timed the train trip well as the moment I was in terminal 2 QANTAS opened the business counters which I could use as a QANTAS club member despite only travelling in economy.  

A quick journey though immigration amid I was in the QANTAS Business Lounge overlooking my plane to Sydney.  It always feels like home to me whenever I see the QANTAS plane ✈️

A little piece of home


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