World Trip 2015: Day 28 – Hakone to Tokyo, Japan

Thursday 14 May 2015
Robot Show, Harajuku Takeshita Street, Tsukiji Fish Market, Farewell Dinner.

After a relaxing nights sleep in our traditional ryokan room and a Western style included buffet breakfast it was time to say goodbye to Hakone and Mt Fuji and head to Tokyo which at least for me was a return to were I started.  

Our excellent Chief Experience Officer Ted helped organise our Narita Express reservations at the train station.  The G Adventure 7 day JR pass expires tomorrow so it has free transport to the airport for those leaving tomorrow ( i.e. me) and free transport around Tokyo for everyone else.

While the tour guidelines had us on free time until dinner Ted took us on a whirlwind tour of Tokyo which took about 6 hours (thanks Ted).  Purchasing a one day metro card (600 Yen or $6 AUD) we were off and running.  First stop was the Tsukiji Fish Market were we also enjoyed a sushi lunch together. 

Next was a visit to the ground of the Imperial Palace.  While I had been to the grounds before Ted found us a great photo spot and explained the recent Imperial history including the fact when the daughter married she losses her royal title.  Only the males stay in the Royal family on marrying.

The Imperial Palace

The group them split into two with half of the group going to the electronic district in Akihabara and the rest, including myself going to the (weird) fashion district in Harajuku on Takeshita Street.  In Harajuku you can purchase costumes of anime characters and other far out items.  Lots of teenage girls shopping. Managed to find Green Tea Kit Kats, so a little treat for someone back home.

We returned to the hotel (Shibuya Tokyu Inn), found the bags that we send from Kyoto waiting and finally checked in at 6.00 pm.  Ted organised our farewell dinner next door the Hokkaido Resturant which uses tablets to order.  Ted had also organised a surprise birthday cake for Nicole whose birthday was tomorrow and we handed over a surprise photo card to Ted that Alex Schembri organised and I think went down well.

Farewelling the group both Alex Taplin, my roommate for this tour, and me caught a taxi to the optional Robot Show.  This was a great call, with the pre show of entertainers in medal playing music to the crazy 90 minute show.  We had front row seats and got to touch a lot of the performers and even had to duck a though times.  

Crazy, weird, bright and loud the senses got overwhelmed.  Only in Japan would you find this and the 6,000 Yen (after coupon discount) was well worth it and I can see why this was sold out last week when I was in Tokyo and again tonight.  Very happy I got to experience this very unique entertainment.

The Robot Show


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