World Trip 2015: Day 20 – Tokyo to Osaka, Japan

Wednesday 6 May 2015
Shinkansen Bullet train to Osaka

A leisurely day ulitising the magnificent Japan rail system had me thinking why can’t it be this way in my country.  After using the frequent (ie every few minutes) train system to get to Tokyo Station from Shibuya where I was staying I bought my ticket for the Shinkansen or bullet train service to Osaka. 

The Japanese are super efficient I watched them clean the arriving train in 10 minutes turning all the seats around, getting rid of the rubbish etc and we were ready to go.  The Shinkansen trains from Tokyo to Osaka leave every 20 minutes.  It only took 2 hours 26 minutes for the 600 km journey (Melbourne to Canberra is about 640 kms for reference).  Fast, efficient & clean, we could learn something from the Japanese about trains.  
I enjoyed watching the countryside as well, seeing snow capped mountains and rice fields and forests along the way in seats with enormous leg space.  It cost approximately $150 AUD one way but I consider it a bargain compared to flying a similar distance.
I finished the day exploring the local area around my hotel, lots of lights and people!  

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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