World Trip 2015: Day 17 – Colombo to Tokyo, Japan

Sunday 3 May 2015
Mini Earthquake

My second Sri Lankan Airlines flight in a few hours and this was more like an international flight.  Despite leaving near midnight local time we were served dinner after take off and 6 hours later (about 2 hours out from Japan) also served breakfast.  Thumbs up for this airline for their service. I expect I’ll travel with Sri Lankan Airlines again when I actually visit Sri Lanka and maybe as a transit hub for other destinations.

My backpack safely in my hands I cleared Immigration quickly but had my bag searched throughly at Customs when they realised that I had started my journey from India.  I’m not sure why India is consider a problem spot.  I could not change my Indian Rupees either, should have changed them in Sri Lanka for USD.  

I caught the Narita Express train being a return ticket for about $43 AUD.  It took about an hour to arrive at my station showing how far the airport actually is away from the city.

I managed to find my hotel in around 25 minutes, it’s actually 10 minutes from the station if you know exactly were you are going.  The room is tiny, barely bigger than the bed so almost no floor to stand on.  I had heard that rooms in Tokyo can get extremely small so I was prepared but still take a bit getting used to.

While in my room Tokyo experienced a mini earthquake, just enough to shake the room and bed.  Apparently this happens a lot but the last really big earthquake was over 80 years ago.  Hopefully they aren’t due a big one during this visit!

I’m staying in the Shibuya district.  Lots of lights, shops and people.  After 32 hours awake with only some brief naps on the plane I crashed hoping the new time zone (3 hours 30 minutes) won’t mean I can’t get up early tomorrow to find my day tour location.

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