World Trip 2015: Day 16 – Cherrai Beach to Colombo, Sri Lanka

Saturday 2 May 2015
Highlights:  Tight Indian Airport Security, Transit at Colombo Airport

Today was all about getting to Tokyo back that meant I had to get there via Sri Lanka as a transit.  So this ended up taking over 19 hours from leaving the hotel in India, transiting in Colombo and then arriving at the Nariata International Airport in Japan.

Andreas caught a lift with me to the Kochi Aiport which was about a 50 minute drive.  Her flight wasn’t until very late. It it was either this or wait at the hotel after checkout and still need to organise a driver to get there. We said our final farewell to Sajin and once again ‘enjoy’ the hair rising experience that Indian driving an be 🙂

I left Andreas after about 30 minutes and checked in without incident, well it did after the agent took 4 tries to managed to print my ticket.  Security at Indian Airports is extremely tight, multiple check points, enhanced pat downs, hand scans and now walk though scanners as well.  No useable Internet at the airport so using left over money I bought lunch, stocked up on snacks for Japan and just walked around for a couple of hours.

Before going I should mention India is cricket mad.  The Indian Preimer League was on while I was there and on every TV and children were all playing street games, at least away from the major cities.

The Sri Lankan Airline flight only took 1 hour and seemed quicker than Melbourne to Sydney.  It was a packed flight and they served a veg rice meal despite the short time frame.

Arriving at the Aiport was a little confusing as it appeared I was already in the transit area without having to clear any security.  I spotted a Burger King and for the first time in 6 months had fast food not from Subway.  After no meat while in India I couldn’t help myself 🍔.  Interestedly they only accepted US dollars at the shops here, something to remember for when I really visit Sri Lanka for a future Australia Test Tour.  Also none of my power adapters work here, so need to conserve power of iPad and iPhone.

Free wifi, while it was slow and kept dropping out meant I could write this entry while waiting for my 23.30 flight to Toyko.

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