World Trip 2015: Day 11 – Kochi, India

Monday 27 April 2015
Exploring Kochi, Kathakali performance.

High humidity (90+) and not eating for 30+ hours does not make for a lot of energy but I still managed to undertake all the included activities for today.

This started with a more thorough visit of Fort Kochi in particular visiting religious sites including; Santa Cruz Basilica – originally built by Portuguese in the 16th century which was right near how hotel and hosting a wedding, St. Francis Church – the oldest European church in India (shoes had to be taken off), and a Jewish synagogue which now only serves 100 people.  All of India is very inclusive of other religions but this area more than most.

We had strolled though the fish market watching rich men using Chinese fishing nets, a five man job minimum. We finish with the so called ‘Dutch Palace’ built by the Portuguese in the 16th century after they accidentally sacked a Hindu temple.  This palace was to keep the Cochin King on side after that event.

We had a few hours of free time which I took back at the hotel but the girls went shopping at local markets.

That evening we attended a performance classical dance-drama of Kerala “Kathakali“.  Arriving early we watched one of the characters have his makeup applied which can take up to 4 hours.  The performance uses a lot of facial movements that you need to watch carefully to understand the story.  Personally I liked the music.

For dinner I tried some rice which I couldn’t finish.  It’s weird I’m not really hungry despite not really eating.  Not sure if this is the stomach or the humity at play.  I did see a Fosters branded water!

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