World Trip 2012-13: Day 110 – Antigua to Copán, Honduras

Monday 14 January 2013
Highlights: New country, Hot Springs.

These 5 am departures really suck, even leaving it to the last minute I had to get up at 4.30 am 😦 Adriana still hasn’t shown up so the group is currently down to 15. Unfortunately for Anna her alarm didn’t go off and since she had no roommate to wake her up she had a real rush to get onto the van. We started today so early to both get to Copán to do an activity and also to beat the traffic.

During the ride Gabo was fairly active and have both Anna and myself a brief history lesson on the regions we are visiting during this tour. After a few hours in the van we stopped for breakfast giving one last chance to use up our Guatemalan money. We gave Gabo all our entry and exit money for the upcoming 3 countries we are visiting over a fortnight. I think this is a good approach as it should speed up border crossing. We didn’t even have to leave the van to cross into Honduras, Gabo just took out passports and got them stamped.

Copán is a small town with one major square being the centre of activity. Before our departure for the hot springs I found an ATM that let me withdraw money (the first machine said only Visa cards accepted) and finally got to send some postcards back home.

The visit to the local hot rings was awesome. We loaded onto the back of a truck for the one hour ride there and this was a highlight in itself. The hot springs my selves were very warm the first one I entered I was sweating very quickly and the majority of the group went down to a lower hot spring. The beers, the heat and the candles made for a relaxing time. Walking out after dark however was a major challenge, I’m surprise there were no major injuries.

We also had a BBQ at the site. Very tasty meat and chicken and black beans with a few beers. Now since today was actually Laura’s birthday despite us celebrating 2 days ago we had another party this time involving her hitting a piñata. Now at the start after being span around she almost took out me! Most of the candy in the piñata we donated to a church group for local children.

On the ride back I got to go into a different vehicle with Robin and James sitting in the back ‘tray’ drinking beers, watching the stars and trying not to fall out. Not a bad first full day of the new tour although I was extremely tired after such a long day.

Honduras Facebook Photos


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