World Trip 2012-13: Day 109 – Antigua, Guatemala

Sunday 13 January 2013
Highlights: Meeting the new Tour Group

Yesterday I booked and paid for a hike to the Pacaya Volcano but after waking up at 4 am I decided that I would skip this activity and have a free day. I don’t know what I was thinking when I booked this for a 5.45 am start after the hectic last few days. Since the new tour is titled Volcano Trail I’m assuming I’ll get another chance for a hike in the future.

I did go to the local market during the day and also a visit to the local MacDonald’s although this one was very different with a various internal courtyard and lack of the Golden M. I did enjoy the McFlurry, so I went from something good (the hike) to MacDonald’s 😦

I meet our new tour leader during the day his name is Gabriel Quiros or Gabo. He is a hive of energy chatting at a million miles an hour, very enthusiast. I noted we should have three new members; Brigid Flynn, Daniel Opheim and Adriana de Groot. It turned out that Adriana has been delayed so we should hoping see her tomorrow. With the lose of Andrew and amosite this brings our group to the maximum size of 16 but obviously by this stage most of us know each other.

The tour briefing started at 6 pm and Gabo speak almost non stop for 1 hour and 15 minutes about what lies ahead. A couple of important changes were discussed including our 2 night stay in
Ometepe now being at a homestay which should be very interesting being multiple days. We also decided that we will leave at 5 am tomorrow in order to get to Copán in time for a hot springs visit. We also have the option on day 7 of upgrading to a van and taking an 16 hour overnight trip so we skip Tegucigalpa. Apparently this town is very unsafe and there isn’t much to do so I think we will agree to pay the extra.

That night a few of us went out with Gabo for dinner. The highlight being Laura accidentally breaking a beer on the floor! The dinner did give me a chance to speak to Brigid and Daniel to understand a little of who they are. Daniel is still awaiting for his luggage to arrive 😦

Guatemala Photos (Facebook)

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