World Trip 2012-13: Day 105 – Antigua, Guatemala

Wednesday 9 January 2013
Highlights: Birthday fun, Zocalo, Offered Marijuana.

Today was my 39th birthday party and the third time I have had a birthday while being overseas. The last time was in Peru on the Inca Trail back in 2009. I didn’t book an activity in Antigua today as we will be back again in a few days at which time I will probably book a hiking tour to a volcano.

This meant I was a free day to explore Antigua the former capital of Guatemala which is surrounded by volcanoes. Almost all the streets are paved in cobblestones making for interesting car and bike rides.

During the day I visited the colourful Zocalo (town square), local Cathedral and a local church were they were filming a movie. The movie set had around 7 pimped out chicken buses, very cool.


During the day I was approached by a tour operator and after I declined his offer he decided that marijuana might before my style :).

We held our group dinner at an open mic night and while none of us got up there were some very good singers. During our meal it was announced it was my birthday and a song quickly started and a,one with it a carrot cake appeared. I believe I was red with embarrassment at this point. I was also gifted a flaming drink and later a vodka shot both were nearly lethal!

Our previous Tour leader Sid also made an appearance and I was given a card with a penguin on the front and some nice messages inside. Very cool of this group and in particular our tour leader Andrea to organise.

Guatemala Photos (Facebook)

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