World Trip 2012-13: Day 104 – Río Dulce to Antigua, Guatemala

Tuesday 8 January 2013
Highlights: A dangerous waterfall, Birthday wishes

Again last night we had a lot of rain, it seems this must be the season. Yesterday I was lucky that it didn’t happen when kayaking and for the boat cruise to Livingstone it only rained at the start and not when out of the boat. We upgraded our transportation for today’s trip to Antigua. This meant less travelling time and a stop off at a local waterfall.

The waterfall was really rushing down today due to the rain over the past few days. Unfortunately this meant it wasn’t possible for the tourist to swim since Andrea still won’t us to stay alive. That didn’t stop some local boys further downstream trying there luck. One boy used old coke bottles as a floatation device.


Our driver Marco and Andrea helped make us a nice and healthily picnic lunch as we listened to the flowing water. Further downstream some of the locals were also doing there washing old style.

After this we had a roughly 6.5 hour van ride to Antigua. We stopped a Guatemala City and in one spot could see the mass of houses all over very steep mountains. It would be a very big effort to walk to and from those houses everyday! When we arrived at Antigua we found our hotel had been moved this was not well taken news from those wanting showers after the pass few days roughing it. Andrea made a call good postponing our dinner tonight and letting everyone do their own thing.

During the trip I finished watching Homeland Season 1 that me sister Lana had upload to my Dropbox account. Excellent show and a good way to get though a long travel day (I watched the last 3 episodes) – thank you Lana. The rest of the time I used to review my 22 days in Mexico before it become too distance a memory.

After checkin I logged into Facebook and I received a lot of birthday wishes. Modern technology can be very good at times. After a tiring day it was good to see so many friends from around the world that a few minutes to remember and wish me a happy birthday. A good way to finish the day.

Guatemala Photos (Facebook)

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