World Trip 2012-13: Day 88 – San Cristóbal de las Casas to Palenque, Mexico

Sunday 23 December 2012
Highlights: Aqua Azul and Misol Ha waterfalls, Hotel in the forest

The group decided a few days ago to upgrade our transportation to a private van for today’s 6 hour trip to Palenque. This was an excellent idea as it allowed us to visit two waterfalls upon the journey baki up the journey. The trip was extremely windy and slow with lots of speed humps to slow you down, they appeared to be every 50 metres at times!

A few passengers needed an emergency bathroom stop around the way, that is a good thing with private transfers you can change to plans for such a need.

The first waterfall we visited was Aqua Azul, we also had lunch at this site. The waterfalls were extensive and gave of some cool air which was needed as we had dropped altitude and had a big increase in temperature. I was slightly regretting the jeans choice for the day. The waterfalls also had this big ass ants that loved biting you at any opportunity and didn’t might climbing you to get a good bite. Sid and Arron went for a swim while some in the group recovered from feeling unwell and others like myself explored the area.

A one hour drive from here and we stopped at the Misol Ha waterfall. This one was more impressive in that it had a great fall of water and you could go behind the waterfall. This time half the group went swimming during our 45 minute stop.

Just before getting to our hotel we stopped in town for suppliers and extra cash as we are in a forest for the next two days. The hotel has a camping area as well and was full of hippies and the smell of weep. Our first choice for dinner smelled from what seemed like a local sewage dropping area but Sid got us a better local right need the pizza fire oven which was a great improvement. We spent the rest of the night drinking at the site bar and listening to music before I left to get some sleep after midnight.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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