World Trip 2012-13: Day 87 – San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

Saturday 22 December 2012
Highlights: Sumidero Canyon, Local Market, San Cristóbal Cathedral

A free day for the group and I decided to accompany Robin, James, Cynthia and Sam on the Sumidero Canyon activity. It was an hour and half to the Canyon which was interesting in itself as we drove through the clouds! Strangely the cruise of the river was in hot weather as we dropped to sea level, vastly different to yesterday’s cold weather and the overcast conditions back in San Cristóbal.

The river cruise went for about 3 hours and at various times we sped down the canyon which was very cool. The canyon was created by the Rio Grijalva with the Chicoasen hydroelectric dam created in 1981 generating a significant proportion of Mexico’s energy. During the cruise we saw a couple of crocodiles resting up waiting for passengers to put their hands in the canyon. Also nearby was a flock of vultures waiting for the left overs. I had Cynthia on closest to the water so no problems for me 🙂

The canyon was incredibly deep with magnificent formations and at times plants like cactus growing on the side of the walls. Their was also a shrine to Ave Maria which I believe was dedicated to someone who had died in the area. At various times the boat rocked due to the other (speeding) boats causing waves. On our return the drop us off at the local town for a chance for a quick lunch but we all wanted to just get back so we settled for drinks instead.

On returning to San Cristóbal I had a mission to obtained a Secret Santa present. The group decided we would buy one present of around 50 pesos and we would randomly pull one out for Christmas. This gave me a good excuse to visit the local market and bargain for a gift. The market was extensive but it still took me a while to find exactly what I wanted.

Up from our hotel was the Cathedral overlooking the city, late in the evening I went up and visited. I didn’t actually get a chance to enter was their was a wedding in progress but it looked impressive as did the view of the town below.

Mexican Photos (Facebook)


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