World Trip 2012-13: Day 75 – Cancun, Mexico

Monday 10 December 2012
Highlights: Beaches and Pools, La Isla Shopping Mall

A big sleep in today with a 8 am wake but determination saw me showered and dressed after 9 am. The bed was fantastic and the heavenly shower lived up to its name 🙂

With no inclusions I am forced to explore the area to find something to eat. The resort is at the start if the Hotel Zone for tourist. Basically this is a fantasy zone for those who can afford luxuries. The local buses cost 8.5 pesos or around 80 cents making it easy to explore. Today that exploring took me to the La Isla Shopping Mall. As a tourist mall they have all the big brands including a Hooters! And a Planet Hollywood.

I also spend a lot of the day exploring the different pools of the resort which were enjoyable in the humid climate. I somehow got signed up to view the other Westin hotel property in a sales pitch that will go for 90 minutes. The prize is a $100 USD meal voucher so I suppose it is worth it, this is scheduled for Thursday midday.

Tomorrow I have a book all day activity to Xcaret Park which I think is a water based park, hopefully it will be fun, I certainly hope so as the pick up is for 7 am 😦

Mexico Photos (Facebook)

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