World Trip 2012-13: Day 71 – Trinidad, Cuba

Thursday 6 December 2012
Highlights: Cayo Blanco Island Catamaran Cruise, Snorkelling in the Caribbean, Beach Volleyball, Dinner at Dady’s

Gareth, Heidi, Shane and myself decided to go sailing in the Caribbean today. Actually locals are no longer allowed to do this unless they have a special license. The Cuban government is worried about defectors taking the boat to the USA.

The cruise took about an hour to get to Cayo Blanco Island. Along the way we picked up a hitchhiker who was rowing far from the shoreline which he was very happy about 🙂 The tour included all we could drink so we all enjoyed rum and beers during the day.

Just off the coast Gareth, Heidi and myself hit the water for some snorkelling. Gareth just dived straight in, Heidi kinda dived in and got a lot of the sea as a result :). The coral reef and fish were very cool to observe. On our return we hit the beach for lunch and beer during which we had a visit from a large lizard who I think rules the island with the ting crabs.

Gareth had an idea to try beach volleyball and it was quickly on with a German couple joining us and one other guy (Italian I think). This was really great fun, we even had some good rallies which I think we were all surprised at. Near the end I injured my hand going for an impossible shot, very painful.

We had dinner at Dady’s home which was great, the fish which tasted fantastic. After dinner however was the real highlight as Dady’s husband sang a few songs which we occasionally sang along to. A great evening despite the pain from my hand. The group headed off to a nightclub in a cave around midnight which I gave a pass to :(. Seven beers and several rum shot did me in.

Cuba Photos (Facebook)

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