World Trip 2012-13: Day 32 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sunday 28 October 2012
Highlights: Bike tour of Buenos Aires, Recoletas cemetery, Botanical Gardens

Walking to the start of my scheduled bike tour I came across a Sunday market. It’s funny how sometimes just walking around can result in expected events. Walking down a cobble street with all the noise and passion of a local market was very cool.

The bike riding tour took about 4 hours and covered the Recoleta and Palermo areas. At the start point we had the added bonus of there being a Zombie festival going on, people had pulled out all the stops. When we returned at the later of the tour I would have guessed there were over 5,000 people in costumes and/or markup. If the dead turned to zombies on this day you would have been bitten just thinking they were just part of the show 🙂

There were five of us on the tour, four girls and myself. The tour took us though the richer areas in Buenos Aires. Apparently Maradona got kicked out of one of these suburbs as he was bringing to many tourists! Being a Sunday the Botanical Gardens was packed full of people having fun. Great flowers and lakes to enjoy.

The real highlight was the Recoletas cemetery with the magnificent tombs including Evita’s. We saw a monument to Evita earlier in the ride. The rich definitely get good ‘dugs’ upon their death in Buenos Aires. Some of the tombs are bigger than apartments I’ve visited!

Later that night it started raining heavy showing how lucky I was to have been out on a great weather day before it turned.

South America & Antarctica Photos.

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