World Trip 2009-2010: Day 66 – Christchurch to Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

Sunday 31 January 2010
Highlights: Business Class flight upgrade.

A very early start with a 3.50 am alarm and I was off to drop Erin, Jason and Kara at the Christchurch Airport for their 6.25 am flight direct to Melbourne. We had a small problem getting there due to the map not being very accurate and me only having been to sleep for a few hours but we got there on time.

Andrew was sleeping very well when I left (lucky bastard). Erin didn’t seem to mind the early start which was a surprise to me as I would have been crying if I could have gotten away with it! I got back to the hotel around 4.50 am and went to sleep in Kara and Jason’s room rather them wake up Andrew. We didn’t need to check out to 11 am and the car drop off wasn’t until noon so there was no rush.

I didn’t get much sleep and around 9 am decided to get up again have a shower and go for a walk. When I got back around 10.10 am I found Andrew outside the room already set to go and looking a little worried. He thought we needed to go by 10 am and didn’t see the funny side of missing out on an hour of sleep and having to rush to shower and pack for no reason. I didn’t have much sympathy after getting up at 3.50 am but when I told Kara via Facebook she thought it was very funny indeed 🙂 I used the combined cash from everyone to fill the tank and buy early lunch at McDonalds with $2 NZ to spare. We dropped the car off 5 minutes early and it passed the inspection.

We did 2,525 kilometres over 10 days of driving – well done to Jason.  No problems at the airport other than having to wait for the lounge to open at 1 pm (a 35 minute wait). It looks like we’ll have no problems getting back to Melbourne by 8.00 pm local time tonight. ‘‘Flight to Sydney At the gate both Andrew and me were approached by a Qantas official and informed we had been upgraded to business class – SCORE. Unfortunately as we had eaten lunch plus eaten in the Qantas club we couldn’t take full advantage on the plane. Still the chicken was great and I enjoyed the ice-cream – we both said no to the big selection of cheeses and bread products.

Cracked up laughing at a movie called Zombieland – very funny stuff.  We used the Smartgate to get past Immigration, our bags came out fast thanks to being tagged as ‘First’ which is a benefit of being a Platinum member (sadly today is my last day), and lastly we got pulled out of the line at Customs and told to walk on through to Australia.

After 66 days we were safely home and a short Sydney to Melbourne flight later the trip was officially over.

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