World Trip 2009-2010: Day 65 – Greymouth to Hanmer Springs to Christchurch, New Zealand

Saturday 30 January 2010
Highlights: Thermal Pools at Hanmer Springs, A-League Wellington Phoenix Vs Adelaide Match

Our last day of major driving saw us stop off in Hanmer Springs for their famous Thermal Pools. Basically you get to move between a lot of different pools at varying temperatures. The hottest ones smell due to the sulphur, however there are several normal heated pools. They are all outside. Erin in particular seemed to enjoy them and I thought she was about to fall asleep floating in the water with Kara a number of times. I think I ended up with a little bit of sunburn on my head.

Later in the day I borrowed Andrew’s hat after I ‘retired’ my Essendon one back in Greymouth. After the pools we walked about a local Saturday market but strangely both Kara and Andrew left empty handed. Once we got into Christchurch we walked into the city centre.

There was a world busker’s event on but I didn’t really watch must. After an early dinner we hurried back to the hotel so Jason and I could go to the relocated Wellington Phoenix Vs Adelaide (A-League) match. Strangely enough this was my first A-League match and it was in New Zealand. Wellington won the match 1-0 in front of a 19,000 crowd and I enjoyed the night but the weather did turn very cold.

Later that evening I settled into the hotel to watch Serena Williams beat Justine Henin in the Ladies Australian Open final which finished at midnight local time. Now for 3.5 hours sleep before dropping of Jason, Kara & Erin at the airport.

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