World Trip 2009-2010: Day 50 – Nazca, Peru

Friday 15 January 2010
Highlights: 1,500 year old mummies, Viewing Nazca lines from small plane, bumpy flight

The night bus got us in around 7 am, this is the last overnight trip of the South American GAP tour however we have two overnight flights in the next 5 days first to Los Angeles and then to New Zealand so a few nights ahead with a bed. These trips can take a lot out of you but they save time doing overnight travel.

After quickly checking into our rooms we headed off to the Nazca cemetery to view 1,500 year old mummies. This is a desert area and even at 9 am the sun was drying me up very quickly. The mummies were usually buried together to save space. Grave robbers around 1910 onwards used to die shortly after robbing the graves of gold and other goods. It wasn’t a curse but instead the toxic gases that built up – no bad deed goes unrewarded I suppose.

After this we visited a local pottery maker and again I noticed the exotic pottery that the locals seem to make, or at least make for the tourist.

From here we went on to the big event of the day a flight to see the Nazca lines. This is art work that can only been seen from the sky. The funny thing is it was created before people could fly. Emma, Gareth, Karen, Andrew and I braved the small plane. Lots of fun when the plane jumped around – I only had problems once but the rest of the group seemed to want to hold on the dear life.

The flight was great by itself with the amazing Nazca lines only added to the experience, on landing Andrew even kissed the ground Pope style 🙂

Lunch in the town was at a nice little place and I had a great chicken sandwich. Andrew hunted down a beach ball for our afternoon pool party which turned out to be much fun – Gareth, Andrew and Brooke beat me, Emma and Edgar in keepings off. Revenge must be taken.

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