World Trip 2009-2010: Day 48 – Colca Canyon to Arequipa, Peru

Wednesday 13 January 2010
Highlights: Hiking the Colca Canyon, Condors, BBQ dinner

After 12 hours of rest I found I felt a lot better but I still couldn’t really eat breakfast. I was determined not to let that get in the way of visiting the Colca Canyon today. The Canyon itself is the deepest in the world. Getting there was interesting enough with rough roads and one long tunnel without any lights or support structures.

When we got to the Canyon we started a 40 minute walk and were extremely lucky to see condors which are not normally around at this time of year. I found the walk taxing probably due to not eating for close to 24 hours, but still it was worth it.

Once we had finished with the Canyon we had a 5 hour ride back to Arequipa. Now this took a lot out of the group as it was so rough and not everyone was feeling 100%. We did stop off at one point and Titch managed to get dressed up as a woman – there is only one Titch that’s for sure.

Back in Arequipa we had decided on having a BBQ at the hotel. The boys (Andrew, Gareth, and Titch & I) were given responsibility for hunting down the food and drinks. I think we did pretty well. The night finished with us enjoying a BBQ dinner, wine, music and great views. The trip is almost over so this was a good way to relax together after such a long time together on the road.

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