World Trip 2009-2010: Day 14 – Paraty to Iguassu Falls, Brazil

Thursday 10 June 2009
Highlights: Overnight Public Bus Adventure

A curse of a traveller is long bus and plane trips.   Today was the day for a 21 hour plus trip.   After doing some shopping with Martin and Andrew to prepare for the big trip and transferring some money to our VISA Travel card it was first off to São Paulo.

Luckily São Paulo was no longer flooded like 2 days earlier.   The city holds 20 million plus people and is just big and in parts depressing (think shanty houses).   At least the ride to Sao Paulo was in a private bus so the 6 hour drive was easy.

Now the trip from São Paulo to Iguassu Falls was via public overnight bus so I was a little concerned.   However it turned out to be a very comfortable ride and with Kelly generously providing me with a book to read (Nelson DeMille’s Wild Fire) I found it a more or less comfortable journey despite the local guy next to me talking on his mobile and snoring most of the time.

BTW we needed passports to get on the bus (everyone needs ID) and had to check our bags, they even had a safety video so it was more like a flight than a bus ride.

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