World Trip 2009-2010: Day 2 – New York City, New York USA

Our first full day in New York City after 7 years of planning!   First on the agenda was a cruise around Manhattan (we had 3 days to use the tourist NYC Pass).   We walked to the docks early in the morning not being sure when the first tour left but luckily we only had to wait about 45 minutes for the 10 am 2 hour cruise.

First thing was how cold it was, I’m guessing around 9c but add in the wind chill factor and it was a little hard.   Still the cruise was great as we saw the city skyline and I picked out places to visit over the next few days.   I remembered the World Trade Centres and noticed the difference from 2000 with them missing.   The water was too rough to go near the Statue of Liberty but we will be visiting another day so no loss.   Highlights included the Brooklyn Bridge, Roosevelt Island and the United Nations Headquarters. From here we visited the Empire State Building and boy were the lines long, it took about 1 hour to pick up our tickets.   Still the view from the top was great and it really gets you just how big this city is.   At this point we visited the much hyped New York Skyline Ride, which is a movie ride guided by Kevin Bacon.   While it was okay at 15 minutes in length (the guide book said 30 minutes) it was a little short. We went back to Times Square and purchased tickets to “Musical – Hair”.   Now I have to admit that when we went to the show I left my ticket back in the room, leaving Andrew in the line I ran back and 30 minutes later (it was 20 minute walk one way), sweating I got in just before the first song was finished.   I swear I’m losing my mind, probably need Andrew to help me more than I can help him 🙂

Anyway it was a great show, very anti-war but also funny.   There is a big nude scene just before the intermission as well (the careful check the audience to make sure no photos are taken).   Also this is a highly interactive performance; the actors regularly go off stage.   At the end of the show most of the audience at the front came up on stage and danced.   A great first full day in NYC.

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