World Trip 2009-2010: Day 1 – Melbourne to Los Angeles to New York City, USA

Friday 27 November 2009
Highlights: Free upgrades to Premium Economy, QANTAS First Class Lounge

Well after some issues over the Brazilian Visa which I think can be settled in New York City the trip 7 years in the planning has commenced.   On getting to the airport we quickly learned that Andrew and I had scored free upgrades to Premium Economy for the 14 hour flight to Los Angeles.

After saying goodbyes to Adeline, mum (Helen), Jason, Kara and little Erin we headed seat to the QANTAS First Class Lounge (after I got a security pat down service!).   I think Andrew enjoyed the pancakes and hot chocolate in the Lounge he definitely liked sampling various alcohol options (he is over 18).   Showing good foresight Andrew also went and used the showers before the flight, which is my next stop 🙂 Next stop is LA!

Flight Melbourne to Los Angeles
Nice flight with one highlight which was Andrew starting a run on late night snacks when he asked the steward to make him a sandwich which then everyone asking for one, very nice hot chicken roll, service was excellent.

Los Angeles
Well we cleared Border control fairly easy.  We then went to the Los Angeles Currently in Oneworld First Class Lounge enjoying a nice I shower, Andrew went to answer his fan e-mails / Facebook. Next Stop is New York.

New York
The Qantas Los Angeles to New York flight was fine at just over 5 hours. We had a seat between us which was good but I didn’t sleep.  It was already a long day travelling so extra space was appreciated.

Found it easy to get to New York City from the airport, or at least it was after we added a few clothes due to the cold weather.   The hotel didn’t have our rooms ready so we were given a free meal at The Niles restaurant, Andrew enjoyed the penne I had a pizza.   From here I picked up the tickets for NBA and the NHL and we went down to see Times Square (it was 9 pm) to keep awake and adjust to new time zone.

I think we very much enjoyed collapsing into a comfortable bed after our quick Times Square visit.

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